Keep the User in Mind

  1. Simple and Consistent Design:
    • Seamless structure
    • Use images, backgrounds and flashy text with a purpose
    • Make sure the text is readable
    • Quick access to information
      • 3 click rule
  2. Browsers:
    • Each browser reads HTML differently
    • Two main browsers
    • Connection rates
      • Will only run as fast as the slowest connection
        • If you are using a 33.6kb modem and the server is running on a T1 line, you will only be served at the 33.6kb rate.
    • Download considerations
      • Graphically intense
      • Video files
      • Sound files
  3. Clear Navigation Tools:
    • Links
    • Navigation bars
    • Image maps
    • Buttons
  4. Site Maintenance:
    • Keep the information current
    • Test your documents/links
    • Maintain your links

These tips are courtesy of: Web Design Strategies. Developed at ESU#3