Planning Your Web Site

Planning is an integral part of your web site. Planning before you create the site allows you to add items more easily later and makes your site more organized. Here are a few simple steps to help you plan your site.

Before You Begin:

  1. Define Your Audience:
    • Beginners to advanced
    • Surfers to divers
    • Local to international
  2. Define the Purpose of Your Web Site:
    • General information
    • Entertainment
    • Training/Teaching
    • Education
    • Reference
  3. Define Procedures:
    • What material will be included
      • Confidential documents
        • Accessible by entire world
      • Individual's pictures
        • Release form
      • Individual's personal work
        • Copyright issue
        • Release form
      • Copyright Issues
        • What can I safely use?
        • How do I gain permission?
    • Who will be responsible?
      • Designate a web master
    • Updating procedure
      • Who's responsible?
      • When done:
        • Daily
        • Weekly
        • Monthly
        • Yearly
      • What material?
  4. Have Goals and Content Identified:
    • Know what you want to convey
    • Stay flexible on how you want to convey it

These tips are courtesy of: Web Design Strategies. Developed at ESU#3